Data-driven hiring decisions - while still being human.

We're a team of developers and recruiters fighting hiring bias and bringing justice to recruitment. We do it by providing meaningful, data-driven insights from candidate conversations. So that companies can always make the best hires.


The idea for Hireproof was conceived in 2020, and the company was founded the next year.


Our small team is building the first version of Hireproof, and getting ready to scale!


Our team is scattered around Europe, and we're proud to host a global, remote-first culture.

About Hireproof

Hireproof is a job interviewing tool for small businesses. We enable anyone to become a world-class recruiter just by signing up. For free.

We're a European recruitment tech startup, founded in 2021, with a global team of founders from Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Our story

The recruitment tech market is full of pre-screening tools, online assessments, gamification solutions, and whatnot. The modern tools are impersonal and often hurt the candidate experience. We want to re-focus the recruitment process on the humane part of it: conversations.

We've seen and experienced the inhumanity, bias and poor quality in recruitment. Our team found each other online, and immediately connected behind the mission of making recruitment better. The values that guide us are:

  • Justice
  • Being ourselves

Justice, for us, means fighting for the equal opportunities of candidates, and guiding our users to making the right, data-driven decisions. Less hiring by face-value and gut, and more real insights and quality decisions.

What you read is who we are. We play with open cards, share about our progress openly, strive for honesty, and will be our goofy, unique selves in everything we do.

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