Amazing job interviews. Better decisions, happier candidates.

Hireproof is a handy tool for job interviewing. Create interview templates, score candidates, make insightful decisions. And always make the best hires.

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Become a professional interviewer just by logging in.

Hireproof is a handy SaaS tool that helps you run more meaningful and insightful high-quality job interviews.

Better Decisions

Running proper, evidence-based interviews improves your hiring success rate and reduces bias in decision-making.

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Happier Candidates

Hireproof makes conducting and preparing delightful interviews as easy as pie. Anyone can run interviews that candidates will love.

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How it works

Define a new job role with our help

Hireproof will help you analyze what are the make-or-break skills and qualities for the job.

Interview your candidates

The app will guide you through every interview situation. You'll focus on listening, we do the rest.

Make a data-driven hiring decision

After the interviews, you'll have real, insightful data to guide your decision-making. Make the best hire.

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Become a professional interviewer.

Whether you have experience running job interviews or are just getting started, Hireproof includes everything you need to analyze candidates, conduct world-class interviews, and make better hires.

How could Hireproof benefit you?

Hireproof is built for interviewers. Whether you're astartup founder looking for a light-weight recruitment app, or a recruiter looking for a productivity tool, Hireproof will have something to offer.

Startup founders

As a startup founder, you're dealing with a lot of risk, and want to avoid high consultant fees. Keep hiring in-house and become a pro just by making a Hireproof account.

Talent acquisition professionals

When juggling numerous open roles, learning the requirements of them all and communicating towards all stakeholders is insanely demanding. Hireproof takes some of the load off your shoulders.


You naturally want to be involved in selecting your future team mates. Preparing for interviews and writing reports is effortless with Hireproof, so you can focus on what matters.

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